Thursday, November 09, 2006

Blogging and Link Building

Last time, I recommended blogging for everybody. After all your other work at home responsibilities have been attended to (or maybe when you're taking a well-deserved break), I hope you've considered this idea.

If you've already got a blog set up for yourself, you are probably asking, "How can I get the word out about my blog?"

That's a good question, and one which will frequently be addressed here. Yesterday, I discovered a brand-new site, the Link & Blog Directory. This site is currently in its infancy, and looks to be getting better every day. The up-to-the-minute scoop can be found at the link and blog blog.

The site has a new concept which will help bloggers in all areas find blogs in which they would be interested, even if the main subject area of the blog is something the reader wouldn't ordianrily think to look for. This means a brand new community to check out, with the always nice side effect of more traffic to your blog, and another way for the search engines to find you.

This looks like one of those "ground floor oppurtunities" you always hear about. I wanted to make sure I'm listed when this site goes huge, so you can find me on there as Chris.

A little off-topic maybe, but I just love new sites, because where else can you snag a username like Chris? Sorry all you others with the same name, I beatchya to it this time!



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