Thursday, October 26, 2006

Time vs. Money

What's more valuable, your time or your money? This is a question every work from home body should be constantly asking him or her self, since the answer is an elusive, ever-shifting fog.

So, while I've been spending these days tweaking this and that on my newest site, I managed to step back for a second and look at the site's content for a minute, instead of just the layout and et cetera. It hasn't been updated in quite a few days now. This reminded me of something very important, and now I'm typing text instead of code. It's a welcome change.

As usual, it's a good idea at this point for me to explain. As a home worker, freelancer, entrepreneur or whatever it is you're working towards (note to self: figure out a way to shorten that phrase for the future), you need to find your rhythm. If you've been reading, studying and learning for months and you have yet to take your first step, stop yourself. The most common reason for failure to succeed is failure to act. I have stumbled around in this muddy area more times than I care to admit, to varying degrees.

If you seem to have a million ideas that might be good ones, and are on a pace to make a million and a half by month's end, I'm writing this for you. It's time to stop collecting ideas. It's time to organize them, and put them into order of either importance or greatness. Only then can you start converting your valuable time into money. This organization process can take a lot longer than it might seem like it should, so start as soon as you can. Are you busy right now?



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